All designs submitted to the design market will go through a review process to ensure the designs meet our Showit standards.  This is to ensure that our users will be able to easily make changes to your design without excessive assistance from our support staff.

Updated: 3/21/18

All designs submitted shall follow these standards:

  • Site designs should be built for a wedding or portrait photographer
  • All images used within your example site should be family friendly
  • All temporary placeholder text should be in English (no Lorem ipsum latin please)

Licensed Content

  • The designer is responsible for acquiring and maintaining all licenses for distribution of media used in their design including custom fonts, graphics and media.  Showit will not be held responsible.
  • All media (custom fonts, images, videos) used within a design is included when it is shared.  
  • The designer may include links to licensed media when submitting the design to the market. Those links are only for ease of use. Showit is not responsible for enforcing any licensed media requirements.

Design Settings

  • All colors used in the design should be included in the color palette
  • Default font styles should be defined for desktop and mobile
  • All styles have a font properly set (no missing fonts)
  • Unused fonts have been removed from the fonts list
  • Default text styles should be used across your site with minimal exceptions where a text box needs to be customized. (Stay away from "+" appearing in your text style)

All Canvases

  • Organize all layers in order from top to bottom as they appear in the canvas. (we understand exceptions for some design elements based upon stacking)
  • Name all shape/object layers with a word(s) that help describe it.
  • Text layers will now auto-name themselves, no renaming required.

Site Canvases

  • Properly used for navigation and other canvases that repeat across pages
  • Links within the same canvas use "This Canvas" instead of the canvas name (ie. gallery navigation links, contact form submit links)
  • Mobile navigation site canvas (popup style) has it's links set with an action to: Close Canvas > This Site Canvas

Mobile Menu/Nav Site Canvases

  • If set to Window Height, we suggest a minimum height no larger than 500px tall
  • All links in the mobile menu should have an Action applied to "Hide This Site Canvas".  This makes sure a user doesn't get stuck with the menu open even if the link is for the current page they are on.
  • All navigation links are set to Text Tag "nav"


  • A sidebar canvas should always be saved as a Site Canvas to allow easy editing by the user
  • The canvas height is typically very small 1-5px tall and many times only visible on the desktop layout


Showit pages

  • Navigation canvases properly load on mobile and desktop
  • Navigation links are properly working
  • All navigation links are set to Text Tag "nav"
  • All click actions within a page function as a user might expect on both mobile and desktop layouts
  • No text boxes show a font missing with the message "- Choose a Font-"

Contact Form Canvases

  • All input fields are set to Text Tag div or p
  • Every input field is labeled appropriately (not necessary if layer auto-named)
  • Name input field is set to Required & In Subject
  • Email input field is set to Required & Reply to
  • Submit form text set to Text Tag: nav
  • Submit form text box is linked to either "This Canvas > Next" or another page with "Submit Contact Form" checked.
  • Submit form links to a "Thanks" message either on View 2 on same canvas or a separate Thanks page.

Galleries & Images

  • A site should have a full set of galleries. If there are 6 gallery links, there should be 6 galleries ready in the design.
  • Canvases containing a Tiled gallery style should be set to "Grow with Content" so they auto-expand on the live site to fit all images
  • Typically a site design has a minimum of 3 galleries
  • Images and galleries can not have Vertical Locking options 2 & 3 as the stretching can cause image distortion for some users.


Blog Template Pages

If you are new to Showit please review this video above for designing the required blog template pages.

  • Required templates: - Blog (Post List template should be named "Blog")- Single Post (Single Post template)
  • Optional templates:- Blog 404 (404 template)- Demo Blog & Demo Single Post pages should follow our guidelines for consistency

"Blog" page

  • Wordpress Template set to: Post List
  • Featured Images are linked to: Wordpress Post
  • Read more (or similar text) are linked to: Wordpress Post
  • Newer/Older Posts Link placeholders used for pagination links at bottom of post list
  • Post Title, Post Excerpt and Categories placeholders don't cause overlapping of text/content when tested on a Designer Test Blog
  • Design is fully tested on a Designer Test Blog for mobile and desktop layouts

"Single Post" page

  • Wordpress Template set to: Single Post
  • Post Title placeholder (required) displays full post title without overlapping other content (should never be cropped on Single Post template)
  • Post Content placeholder (required)
  • Post Comments placeholder (required) in a Static Content canvas
  • Comments Form placeholder (required) in a Static Content canvas
  • Next/Previous Single Post Link are used for pagination links. They must also be setup to be replaced with a full post title in their own canvas set to Grow With Content
  • Canvases are properly set to Grow With Content if they contain the following placeholders: Post Title, Post Content, Categories, Post Comments, Comment Form, Next/Previous Single Post Link
  • Design is fully tested on a Designer Test Blog for mobile and desktop layouts
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