When creating designs for clients it's important to make sure that you begin from a design that does not contain any copyrighted materials. Most designs found inside of Showit are NOT licensed for re-use (in part or whole) by other designers.

Below are the designs that you can add to your account as use as starting templates. Add to your account with the share keys listed below.

Simple Stripped Design:

Our Simple design stripped of all photos and ready for your own content. Design settings have a default gray palette and system fonts selected.

Share Key: m266aDgdpn2238940

Completely Blank Design:

This design only has the required pages for a design. It has no content and no site canvases. Design settings currently default to system fonts.

Share Key: jWAPPvAagQ6x38940


Important Design Licensing:

Designs found free in our app do have license restrictions. At this time only the Simple design can be used by designers as a starting place. All other designs are restricted from use by designers in part or whole. See https://store.showit.co/policies/

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