What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a the marketing concept of driving your website to the top of search results for certain phrases entered into search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Proper SEO practices will ensure your website content gets correctly indexed in order to show up show up when inputing relevant search terms related to your business. At the most fundamental level, getting a website to show up in results is estimated at about 80% how your website is optimized for search engines and 20% what content is actually on your site. 

The best SEO practices include optimizing your content for search engines but the more content you have included with your website or blog will promote more reach and indexing options for search engines. 

For the purposes of Showit, we are most interested in the content on your site and making sure that the content in your site is indexed correctly by a search engine, so that once you do drive traffic to your site relevant results will appear in the search.

How Does Google Search for Content?

Google uses web crawlers to discover and index the ever growing and changing web. Crawlers look at webpages and follow links on those pages and create a "table of contents" of the site. The go from link to link and bring the data they discover back to Google.

After Google collects the data from the crawlers, they index it in a library according the the content that was available and discoverable. This library is what is referenced when linking results to search terms. 

What Happens When You Search On Google?

After Google creates an index of your website, it will determine what content is related to a user's search term or statement according to search algorithms. These algorithms determine the most relevant results for a search based on a handful of factors including text, images, freshness, content, and traffic. This infograph breaks down what happens in every Google search.


What Does This Mean With Showit?

With Showit, all the text content that you include in your site is automatically put into the HTML (the standardized system for tagging text, graphics, fonts, color, or hyperlinks) that allows search engines to locate all the content in your site. However each website and content is different and the target audience or clientele will be specific to each website so we don't set your SEO for you. 

Inside Showit, if you work to provide good content and do a good job with describing your site, the search engines will do their job and find your site and show it in search results. We provide you with the tools to build an indexed site that has the potential to be found through a search engine, but it is really up to you to build a brand that is recognized and thus will show up in search results.

Keep in mind that everyone is trying to get to the front page, so search engines use a very complicated system to determine which results appear at the top and it can take lots of time to affect these factors that are many times outside of your control. Search engines work hard to prevent tampering of search results so you shouldn’t work on doing "quick" tricks (know as Black Hat SEO) to get listed as these will often lead to your site getting completely banned from ranking. 

There are lots of ways to try to fool this system, but keep in mind many of these options could be effective in the short term but risk violating Google’s terms of service and could have the consequence of your site being seen as a spam site and removed from search results altogether.

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