(Typical Timeline: 2-5 Business Days + Propagation)*


The following instructions show you how to request to have your current blog migrated and your new Showit site launched! Follow these steps when you are ready for your site and blog to go live. 

Please review Blog Migration Details before submitting.

How to Submit to Have Your Blog Migrated

1. Inside of Showit 5, click "Site Settings" 

2. Click "EDIT" next to "Custom Domain" 

3. Enter your domain name where you'd like your site and blog to be

4. Check the boxes for the settings that apply to your current setup and make sure       you check the box for "I currently have a blog at this domain". 

5. Check the box for "I want Showit to setup or migrate my blog"

6. Click "DONE" to finish the setup wizard
7. Go to http://showitaccount.com and login with your Showit 5 login information
8. Click "Setup Showit Blog"

9. Click "Migrate an Existing Blog"

10. Fill out the migration request form with all of your current hosting information
11. Click "SUBMIT" and then kick back and relax! We will take it from here :)

Read more about what happens during a migration and after. 

*Our typical timeline is 2-5 business days but unexpected complications can cause a migration to take longer. Extremely large blogs with thousands of images can also take longer to migrate.  Our team strives to migrate blogs as fast as we possibly can.

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