Sometimes changes published to a website don’t show up immediately. Our caching servers can take 5-10 minutes to update. If you're still not seeing updates after that time, clearing your browser and/or WordPress cache can help force the changes to show for you.

Clear Browser Cache

You may also want to try clearing your browser cache in order to force your published changes to show.

Google Chrome (Desktop)

  1. From the “Menu” button in the upper-right corner of the Chrome window, choose “More Tools” > “Clear browsing data…“
  2. On the window that pops up, click the “Clear Browsing Data” button

For Safari reference here.

Flush Wordpress Cache (blog only)

If you have a Showit 5 blog, flushing your WordPress cache will generally help changes show up right away. To do this:

  1. Login to your WordPress admin (generally located and
  2. On the top menu bar, mouse-over the “Managed WordPress” text and click “Flush Cache“
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