Starting your website design on desktop is a great place to build out your brand and look. However there may come a point where you realize you may have forgotten about designing the mobile version and when you go to take a look, you may see something like this: 

The good news is that you don't have to manually set up the design all over again. We have a canvas tool that allows you to help copy over the same settings and similar positions of the elements to reflect the desktop view. If you select the canvas and click on the 3 dots next to the canvas name, you should see an option to "Layout Mobile" in the menu that drops down. 

Select it to open up a new window that will allow you to choose a handful of options to help orient your design to add order to the layout.

**These options are generated automatically and may not create the specific design you are looking for, however it should help give you an easier place to start and allow you to make adjustments to optimize the design for mobile. 

  1. This option will generate a version of your site on mobile according to the mobile dimensions and layout.
  2. Scaled will create a duplicate version of the desktop version's layout *font sizes may need to be optimized for mobile viewing
  3. Stacked will center and resize all the elements on the canvas to display in order to allow easy manual placement of elements
  4. Does not adjust the layout of the mobile format (can be used when you want to copy only the design settings but not the layout)
  5. This will copy all of the desktop canvas settings and apply them to the mobile canvas settings.
  6. This will copy the element settings from desktop over to mobile. 

You can read about more tips with designing the mobile version and desktop version here: 

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