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Page SEO Settings

The following are areas to work on to help the way search engines see your website.

  • Page Title – The title of your website is very important as it describes what is in the page content and typically included in a search result. This title should be concise with the keywords of your brand and the purpose of the given page. (Google shows only 60 characters in title)

  • Meta Description – This is the description of the page and is typically included as the paragraph under a search result that describes the content of the page. The description provides information in search results under a website's page title and encourages someone to click on the link.

  • Share Image - This is the image that will appear when the link to that specific page is shared on social sites or elsewhere on the web.

Website Content SEO Settings

  • Text Content – Search engines use the HTML Text Tags to index the structure and content of your web pages. This helps them better understand the information found on your site. <h1> headings should be used for main headings, followed by <h2> headings, then the less important <h3>, and so on. Showit automatically applies Text Tags based on the Font design settings you are using. You can read more about HTML Text Tags here.

  • Images and Media – Under the preview of an image, there are options to add an SEO Title and Description used as the title and alt tags for SEO purposes for an image in the page. These can be used to determine how Search engines index the file without relying on potential generic image names. 

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