Showit supports one (1) domain name per account.  
(A blog may also load on its own domain)


Create Additional Sites  (one per domain)

If you would like to create multiple sites under separate domains you will need to create a new account with a separate subscription for each site. 

  1. Logout of your current account in Showit by clicking on your username in the bottom left and choose Logout.
  2. Create a New Account


Qualify for an Additional Site Discount

If your additional site meets the following criteria you can qualify for a 50% discount on an annual subscription** (not available for monthly billing or high traffic plans):

  • The user must own and operate the additional site/business being created to receive a discounted additional site rate.
  • The additional site account must have the same first & last name listed as the original account.
  • The primary account must keep an active subscription in order for the additional site rate to remain valid.
  • The support team will need to be contacted before a subscription is activated. No previous billing adjustments will be made.

To Receive the Discount:

  1. Contact the support team before subscribing by messaging directly in the app while logged in under the additional site account.
  2. Provide the email address for your primary account so that we can verify it has an active subscription.
  3. Follow the subscription instructions provided by the support team

**The discount is only available for annual subscriptions on the additional sites. High traffic plans are also excluded.

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