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Learn how to create a new page in your Showit site.
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Creating additional pages in Showit is amazingly simple. To add a blank page go to the site tab, click the + next to pages, and then you can choose to add a blank page or select a new page. Selecting a new page will let you choose to utilize a page from one of your purchased designs or a page from one of our many free design options in Showit.

That's it, you've got yourself a brand new page! 

You can now rename your new page by double-clicking on the new page title under pages in the left sidebar and changing the name. Or you can import a page from another design. 

If you haven't visited our learning hub we highly suggest starting there to build the foundational knowledge you need to launch the site of your dreams with Showit!

⚠️ A high volume of pages can harm site load speed and performance. You will see the warning below if you near our suggested limits. If you have a specific need for a high volume of pages you can utilize custom WordPress pages or chat our support about your needs so we can further advise!

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