**Available for Showit + Blog  &  Advanced Blog users**

It's easy to get masonry style galleries in a blog with the help of a Wordpress plugin.

This plugin is not yet compatible with Wordpress 5's Gutenberg editor. You will need to install/activate the Classic Editor plugin in order to continue using this plugin.
We are waiting to see if the plugin developer will update the plugin for WP 5.

Showit + Blog Users Activate the Plugin Galleries by Angie Makes

  1. Login to your blog admin
  2. Go to Plugins
  3. Activate the Galleries by Angie Makes plugin
  4. Follow the directions below to setup a gallery

Advanced Users Install the Plugin: Galleries by Angie Makes

  1. Login to your blog admin
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New
  3. Search for "Galleries by Angie Makes" and install the plugin
  4. Activate the plugin when prompted


Adding a Masonry Gallery to a Post

  1. Inside of your new post, click on the Media button at the top of the post (upload your images first if you need)
  2. Choose Create Gallery from the left sidebar of the media library and click to select your images.

3. Click to Create a New Gallery once all of your images are selected
4. Set the Display setting to Masonry.  The other settings are adjustable based upon your needs. Our snapshot shows suggested settings for a 2 column setup.

5. Insert the gallery into your post.

Things to Know

  • This plugin may affect galleries in older posts. Be sure to check your old posts if you use the Wordpress Gallery feature or if you have another gallery plugin.
  • You can edit the gallery settings at any time by clicking the edit icon that appears when you select the gallery in the edit post view.
  • If you experience issues when uploading photos to your blog after activating this plugin please refer to the Galleries by Angie Makes support article for disabling image sizes that you don't use.
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