If you're ready to publish your site live to your domain and have already put in your setup request (instructions here if you have a blog) then you're ready to point your domain to Showit via DNS to display your site at your domain!

If you've recently signed up for Showit, you can access your DNS settings by these steps:

  • Click your name in the bottom left corner of Showit

  • Choose manage account

  • You should see your domain at the top of the page with "more info" as seen below

  • Click more info to see those DNS settings

If you are on our tier 1 plan and DO NOT HAVE A BLOG, your DNS will always be exactly the same as what is shown above.

If you DO HAVE A BLOG your DNS will be different than what is shown above.

HELP! I don't see those DNS settings in my account! - If you go to your account and these settings are not present, please contact our support team and ask for your necessary DNS records to connect your domain. This section is a newly integrated feature we are testing and is not yet available on all accounts

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