How do I find my DNS records?
Need the records to add to your DNS to connect your site to your domain? Here is where you find those!
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If you're ready to publish your site live to your domain and have already put in your setup request (instructions here if you have a blog) then you're ready to point your domain to Showit via DNS to display your site at your domain!

If you've recently signed up for Showit, you can access your DNS records by these steps:

  • If you are currently logged into the Showit app

  • Click your name in the bottom left corner of Showit

  • Choose manage account

You will then see this screen:

  • If you have not yet submitted a domain to be used with your site, this section will not show. Please submit your domain first. (inside the Showit App click connect my domain)

  • If you have a domain submitted but the DNS is not yet connected it will show the example in the screenshot above.

    To connect your DNS click Learn More

    Please add the specific records unique to your site that are shown in orange in this section. If you have any existing records that conflict with Showit they will be shown in red, please delete them from your domain host's account.

    (DO NOT use the records shown above as they aren't your specific site records)

Once your domain is submitted and the DNS is connected please allow up to 48hrs for DNSn to propagate and our domain checker in the account to recognize those settings are correct.

Once connected your domain will display like so:

NOTE: If you pointed your DNS in the last 24-48hrs and your domain does not yet show online and secure, please allow time for this tool to run another check. You can see the last checked status below the domain and if your site is online but not yet secure contact Showit support and request an SSL certificate.

HELP! I don't see those DNS records in my account! - You might first need to submit a blog setup request to get those records, if you have and are still not seeing them, please contact Showit support.

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