Yes, you can embed a HoneyBook contact form into a Showit site.
HoneyBook offers tools to help creatives manage their business. One of the tools they offer is a contact form that can be embedded into your site so that all of that information can arrive directly into your studio dashboard.

Add a HoneyBook Contact Form

  1. Login to your HoneyBook account and configure your contact form.

You can adjust the look of the form—including fonts and colors—by clicking the Design icon in the left sidebar.

2. When you're ready to embed, click Publish and copy the provided code.

3. Go to Showit and add the Embed Code widget to the canvas you want your contact form added to.
4. Add the code from HoneyBook into the Embed Info settings on the right sidebar.

5. Resize the widget to fit the full form on both the mobile and desktop layouts.

6. Preview your site and test the form to confirm the message is received in your HoneyBook account.

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