The most popular use of the Post View Lookup Canvas is the Featured/Recent Post option, but that is not all this tool can do! Learn more on customizing your blog using Post View Lookup below. This allows a canvas in your blog template pages to pull in your most recent posts, most popular, or the latest posts from a specific category.

Recent Posts:

Leave the category and tag names blank to pull in the most recent posts.

Featured Posts:

You can feature content from any tag or category you’d like in Wordpress. Just be sure you’ve created that tag or category in WP and then add it here in Showit. You can choose a tag OR category, but filling both fields will not work.

Insert the desired category slug, found in Wordpress into the category slug option:

The same process is done for pulling posts into the canvas based on the tag.

Inputting the desired tag slug here:

Order options:

Create a canvas of your hottest content by editing the order of the canvas to pull posts with the most comments first! You can pull from all posts, or include a category slug to pull the posts from a specific category with the most comments!

Prefer recently edited posts to appear first in this canvas?

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