When you are ready to add your custom content to the galleries in your design you will first want to click to select your gallery. Next, we will swap the default images in the design with your own photos by following the steps below. 

Click to select the gallery you want to edit. Then under the "gallery images" tab in the right sidebar, click the blue "manage images" button to open the gallery manager window. 

  1. Hovering over the image will display the action box with the checkmark option to select your images. Click the checkmark for all images you wish to add to your gallery.

  2. Click the blue arrow to move the images over into the gallery area.

   3. Hold Shift + click on the photos you want to remove from your gallery to select multiple images at once.
   4. The red trashcan button will then appear, click it to remove the images from               your gallery.
   5. Click the save button which will exit the gallery manager window.

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