At this point, you've built out your site put in your blog connection request with the Showit team, pointed your domain to Showit, and you're ready to start blogging!

But maybe you're new to Wordpress or unsure of some of the tools available to you when creating posts inside this platform.

Check out the video below from Showit's own Chris Misterek to learn all the details you need to successfully start blogging.

NOTE: To log into your blog go to your domain then add /wp-admin after the domain. Do not go to as shown in the video below, which is used to login to the Showit blog which is used for demo purposes in this video.

Blogging 101 Full Video (24min)

Video Chapters

0:00 Introduction

1:11 Logging into your Wordpress Dashboard

2:27 How to add a blog post

4:20 Adding your post content

5:38 Wordpress blocks

6:24 Adding a gallery

9:53 Gallery block options

12:27 Yoast SEO tools

15:38 Other post settings (categories, tags, featured image, & more)

21:45 Adding alt text

23:26 Fine-tuning your post share preview

23:51 Outro

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