Error 1001
What to do when you see error 1001 DNS resolution error or Cloudflare network
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⚠️ The Error 1001: DNS Resolution Error is the result of a delay in our servers being able to validate proper DNS propagation.

It's important to update your DNS as soon as possible after any domain change or blog setup request to avoid potential downtime.

Our system runs periodic checks on the domain to validate the DNS connection. These validation checks are used by our system to automatically install SSL on a site which is required by our hosting environments to ensure website files are secured.

If too much time has passed, the validation checks will cease and stop entirely. Any DNS propagation that takes place after the validation checks have ceased will result in the 1001 error.

If you see the above error, please contact Showit Support for assistance in resolving. Our team can trigger a server validation for the DNS and finalize the connection and SSL certificate to secure your domain.

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