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Learn about the line tool options to create lines, dashes, and dots easily in your site!
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Line option in menu

Adding a Line

To add a line to your design:

  1. First select the canvas you would like the line added to.

  2. Then select Line from our objects menu at the bottom bar of the app

Line Style Settings

Here are the available settings adjustments for line.

Line Style

  • Solid

  • Dashes (dash width & spacing adjustable)

  • Dots (dot size and spacing adjustable)


  • Standard color selector

Line Thickness

  • Adjustable slider for thickness.

  • Also available as Thickness under Size & Position settings.

End Cap

  • Rounding option available on Solid Lines

Edge Locking Support

Copy Style Settings Between Desktop and Mobile

  • You can use Special Paste to quickly copy style settings between desktop and mobile.

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