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Stacking Order for Elements and Canvases
Stacking Order for Elements and Canvases
Need to move a design element to the front or back of your canvas? Learn how stacking order for design elements & canvases works in Showit.
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Stacking Order for Design Elements

When you add an element to a canvas it will set as the top layering element on a canvas in relation to all the other elements. If you would like to adjust the layers you can do so using the element list over in the left toolbar under the selected canvas name. In this example, I added an icon to my title canvas to create my logo. As you can see here it overlays my title: 

(for larger image: Right Click>Open Image in New Tab)

In order to get the icon to display behind my title, I will use the element list to drag and drop the icon below my text elements in order to stack it correctly. 

As you can see, my icon now displays behind my text title. You can use element stacking to add creative depth or design to your website. 

Stacking Order for Canvases

Stacking order on canvases is an option that allows you to adjust how canvases may be layered in relation to each other. In most cases, this is only a tool used to help canvases with the "Sticky" setting layer above or below the rest of the canvases on a page such as menu canvases. 

By default, the stacking order on templates is set up to function without needing adjustment. However, if you are adding a new menu or rebuilding the default menu canvas you may need to set or adjust the stacking order to have it display above all the canvases on your page. 

**Most canvases are set at a stacking order of 1 and so menu canvases typically only need to be set one number higher. As a good rule of thumb to avoid over-complicating the stacking order numbers, use the lowest possible number to achieve the functionality you are looking for. Excessively setting the stacking order too high can complicate troubleshooting or editing options for your design.** 

The stacking order setting can be located in the right toolbar under the "Canvas" tab when you have your menu canvas selected: 

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