The site canvas feature allows you to create a canvas that can be shared across multiple pages of your site. This is great for creating a canvas that you’d like to be on each page of your site like a navigation header or footer.

Site canvases are best used for repeating sections across multiple pages like:

  • Site navigation
  • Mobile menu
  • Social links
  • Footer

How They Work:

  • The design elements on the canvas (images, text, graphics) WILL update across all instances of the site canvas.
  • The canvas settings in the right sidebar (ie. stacking order, sticky) are page specific and WILL NOT update any instances of the site canvas that are already in use on a page. These settings are the "defaults" that will be used whenever that site canvas is added to a page. Once it's added to a page those settings in the right sidebar are specific to how the canvas will act on that page.

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