How do I start a new site design?
Want to try a different design, add a new design to your account, or make a +site at a subdomain of your primary site? Here is how you do it
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You can start creating a new site design in your account at any time.  Your current site won't be affected until you assign your custom domain to the new design.

  • You can create unlimited site designs under your account but only one design can be active on your custom domain at a time.

Create a new site in your account to:

  • Try a different design

  • Duplicate your current design to test out edits without effecting the live site

  • Create a mini-client +Site

  • Create a pricing +Site

Start a New Design

  1. Go to the Account screen in Showit by clicking on your name in the bottom left of Showit.

  2. Select to Create a New Site

3. You'll be prompted to start with a site design. Your can choose from the Free Showit Designs or if you purchased a design you will find or add it under Your Designs.

4. Select a design and click to Start With This Design to get started.

Tip: You can switch the design you're working on at any time by going to the Account screen > My Sites to open a different site of yours.

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