These are the steps on how to manually connect your domain through Hover.

⚠️ If you are wanting to migrate a blog you can not switch your DNS records until our Showit blog team has finished migrating your blog. If you do switch your DNS records before your blog is migrated, our blog team will be unable to migrate your blog. Once the migration is complete, our team will message you and give you the necessary DNS records.

If you need to add or migrate a blog you can do so here:

💡 If you've already applied the DNS settings and just need to have the SSL (secured url) applied, you can message our support team and ask for that to be setup.

Before self-configuring, your DNS be sure you've connected the domain within your showit app.

DNS settings:

A Record: @ (or leave blank) to: (Have a blog? Use the IP provided by our team)
A Record: * to: (use the * symbol)
CNAME Record: www to: yourdomain name (no url or www, just the domain name)

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