This article details how to "hide" an entire page within Showit. If you're looking to hide canvasses or elements in your design check out this doc instead.

There are two common use cases for hiding a page in Showit:

1). You want to launch your site but hide your blog as it's not quite ready.
2). You have a limited time offer you want to hide the page for when it expires.

The video below will quickly run you through your options and best practices for hiding an entire page in Showit from your visitor's view.

You can also utilize redirects in Showit to point traffic away from one page to another.

**Note** While choosing this 'ask google to ignore' setting will help the page be "hidden" there are some variables to account for. If the page was previously live it likely won't be ignored until google's next routine scan of your site content to update its records. Also while this setting is a request that a search engine ignores the page these settings are optional for search engines to follow. Following these steps will help but doesn't guarantee with 100% certainty the page will be completely hidden or immediately hidden from search results.

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