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Sometimes it's necessary to make final adjustments to a blog prior to launching a client's site. While it's not a normal part of our workflow, we can accommodate special requests for a blog to be setup under a Staging Blog URL so that adjustments can be made prior to launch.

⚠️ New Posts or changes created on a user's live site after the migration has started will NOT be copied over to the Showit servers after migrating to the Staging URL. This also goes for any WooCommerce based shops. So it's best to minimize the time between migration and launch as much as possible and put any WP based stores on pause.
TIP: Use your Designer Test Blog to prepare the design as much as possible prior to performing a migration.

Create a Backup of the Blog:

  1. We suggest you always work with the client to create a backup of their current blog prior to any migration. See our steps at: Backup Blog Prior to Migration

How to Request a Staging Blog URL: (new blog or migration)

  1. Follow the standard steps to launch your site with a New Blog or Migration.

  2. During the blog setup/migration steps you'll be asked if the website is "ready to go live?" Choose NO and complete the process. (this tells our team not to make domain changes)

  3. Next you'll need to make a special request to our Designer Support team by emailing them at designerhelp@showit.co. Include the client's Showit account email address and request the following...

"Hi, I need a Staging Blog URL setup for this client: [client's email]. 

I just submitted the blog (setup/migration).

Please also copy me on the client's setup messages."

4. Our support team will follow up to confirm the request and follow up once the blog is ready for use on the Temp URL.

Ready to Launch?

  1. Message our support team to let them know the site is ready to launch. Be sure to communicate your client's account email.

  2. Allow our team 1-2 business days to complete the domain change in our system.

  3. When the site is ready to connect to the domain, our team will communicate the necessary DNS changes that will need to be applied.

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