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Using Showit as a Designer
Using Showit as a Designer
Learn how designer can use Showit
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We're excited to have so many great designers using Showit to build sites for their clients.  If you're new to Showit please check out the details below for how to get involved in our designer community and how to use Showit as a designer.

Designer Community

We have a Facebook group dedicated specifically to our designers using Showit. This is a great place to share your recent projects and to ask for critique from other designers.  It's also a wonderful place to ask questions about Showit and how to achieve specific setups.  You can request to join at

Getting Started as a Designer

Showit functions the same for both designers and creatives.  One important change from some other platforms is that each client does need to have their own Showit account and subscription.  As a designer you'll have to decide if you plan to design directly in your client's account or if you plan to have your own account to create the designs in, before sharing them (requires subscription) into the client's account. 

If you design in your own account it's good to know that media used in the site will carry over within the design, but it won't appear in the client's Media library. With this in mind it helps to stay organized with your media content in a folder on your computer so that you can import it to your client's account at the end. Here is the article for how to share a design from your account into a client's account.

Creating Designs

Designs found free in Showit are copyright of the listed designer and cannot be distributed in whole or part by another designer unless you are customizing a design at request of a client and provide credit for both parties as shown in our Copyright Guide

Designs that you claim and distribute as your own should be started from the "Simple" design provided by Showit or from a Designer Starter Template.

Our Design Partner Program

Our Design Partner program recognizes experienced Showit designers who have produced consistently beautiful site designs, follow our design standards, and provide a great client experience. Design Partners are listed on our website, receive a free test blog for development, pre-launch checks by our Showit staff, use of our Design Partner badge on their website, and exclusive discounts to our live events (such as United).

Learn more about qualifying as a Showit Design Partner. 

Showit Design Market

In 2016 we launched the Showit Design Market where designers can sell site designs directly to our users and earn a commission for every sale.  It's a great way to reach a new audience that might love to purchase a design from you.  Once you're familiar with the software and have a design ready we would love to have you consider submitting it for review.  You can read more details here. You will need to be a subscribed user to submit designs for the market.

Why Sell Your Designs in the Design Market?

  • Open to all Design Partners

  • Earn 60-85% on each sale

  • Set your own prices

  • No exclusivity lock (sell it yourself)

  • Instantly installs in the user’s account

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