Canvas Backgrounds
Learn the various options you have for styling out canvas backgrounds in your site!
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In Showit you have numerous options for customizing your site, one really great feature is canvas backgrounds.

Canvas background types:

  • Image

  • Video

  • Solid Color

  • No background

Typically, most canvases in your design will be set by default to a solid color option. Some canvases may utilize a canvas background image to create a visual impact with something like a large hero image. If you see an image on a canvas that takes up the entire canvas and which you cannot click to select, that is likely a canvas background image.

You can access the image by clicking the canvas it's on, and then going to the Canvas Background tab in the Properties Panel on the right.

By default your canvas backgrounds will likely be synced, to style them differently simply click the media type or fill options to break these menus out so you can adjust these settings separately between mobile and desktop, like so:

Canvas background videos are a really great way to bring a fun and engaging element to your site. Perhaps it shows you at work, doing what you do best, or showcasing your beautiful product. There are some limitations to file types and sizes with canvas background videos which you can learn more about in this article.

There you have it! You can quickly and easily customize your design using the canvas background feature.

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