If your blog was previously built with a Divi theme, Avada builder, or Visual Composer then this article is for you!

Due to the setup of Divi-built sites which include a good amount of short-code in the post content, you may encounter difficulties when attempting to migrate to Showit. Below you'll find considerations and best practices to make your migration as smooth as possible.

Divi Migration + Showit Basic Blog Plan

Our basic blog migration does not include current plugins in your blog or previous site configurations. This will likely result in a lot of code in your migrated posts that not only looks unappealing but also usually means old images that were generated by those short-codes will no longer display.

This is due to our basic blog migration process + the server environment for our basic blog subscription option. Your best bet, if you are coming over from a Divi site with a lot of blog content would be to go with our Advanced Blog Subscription type.

Example of code in posts:

**NOTE** The Showit team does not assist with removing the shortcode by nature of the process requiring manual editing of every blog post. We migrate content "as is" and so we do not modify post content on behalf of the user to avoid potential data loss.

Divi Migration + Showit Advance Blog Plan

With our Advanced Blog Subscription, you get a wider array of options in the content that can be migrated over due to a more robust server environment that allows for such content to port over to your new blog. With this option, your previous plugins and previous site configuration would all come over in the migration process - meaning your Divi plugin would remain available for use in your new Showit blog which would properly load up all instances of short-code in your blog content.

This is undoubtedly the best option in the case that you are moving to Showit from a Divi site and don't want to deal with the chore of removing all of those added short-codes from your content.

**Known Conflict**

The Divi plugin may cause issues loading media files on a Showit homepage when using the WordPress homepage option. We recommend avoiding the use of a WordPress homepage until Divi may offer a solution to address this issue.

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