⚠️ We cannot guarantee that any added pieces of code will work in every case inside of Showit.

If you're sick of the spacing between images in your blog posts then you can follow these steps to manually adjust the CSS settings for your images.

  1. Select the Single Post template in Showit

  2. Go to the Advanced Settings (right sidebar) > Custom CSS section

  3. Copy and Paste the code below into the Custom CSS box:

.se-wpt img.alignnone,
.se-wpt img.aligncenter{
margin-top: 0px;
margin-bottom: 0px;
display: block;}

Things to Know:

  • This will only apply to images set with Alignment None or Alignment Center

  • Hard Returns between images will still leave spaces, be sure you're not adding returns between images.

  • This isn't a perfect science...so give it a try and see how it works.

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