To track activity on your site, Showit has made it easy to use the free service Google Analytics. To begin, you will need to make sure you have a Google Analytics account, if you don't already, you can go here to sign up.

(Your site must be launched for analytical data to start being gathered)

✅ Showit now supports Google Analytics GA4

In October 2020, Google released version 4 of Analytics. The new Measurement ID number (starting with G-) is now the standard that replaces the legacy Tracking ID (starting with UA-).

Instructions for adding your tracking code to Showit

Once you've signed up for your free Google Analytics account you will be provided a code referred to as the "tracking ID" which will be a string of characters formatted as follows: G-000000 or UA-000000-01

💡You'll only need to add 1 code - either your Measurement ID (G-) or Tracking ID (UA-)

Once you have your tracking ID, simply follow the steps pictured below to get Google Analytics set up on your site! 

  1. Under the Site Tab in the top left corner of Showit, click the Site Settings option.

2. In the pop-up window, choose the Third Party tab. Then simply paste your code into the appropriate field.

💡You can also choose to not include the code on your blog templates. This is helpful if you have a separate blog plugin that adds the analytics code to your blog posts/pages.

Locating Your Google Analytics Tracking ID (G- or UA-)

Instructions to locate your GA4 Measurement ID (G-)

1). Login to your account then navigate to Admin>Data Streams>Your domain. Click the arrow next to the domain you wish to track data for to access your code.

2). Look to the right of the pop-up window to find your Measurement ID beginning with G- then copy that ID and follow the instructions below to add it into Showit.

Instructions to Locate your Google Universal Analytics Tracking ID (UA-)

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