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Viewing Showit Websites in Facebook and Instagram Browsers
Viewing Showit Websites in Facebook and Instagram Browsers
A short article about viewing your Showit website in social media apps like Facebook and Instagram
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Showit offers unique mobile and desktop layouts to allow you to create distinct experiences for your website visitors on different devices. Out of the box, Showit is engineered to display your mobile layout inside mobile apps such as Facebook and Instagram.

Bug - (Fixed August 20, 2020)

We have received and observed sporadic instances where Showit websites do not initially display the mobile version of a website in the mobile apps of Facebook and Instagram. From our internal tests on iOS devices, the desktop layout sometimes appears within these apps, and then switches to the mobile layout only after a user scrolls down. Our development team is currently working hard on diagnosing the core issue and developing a fix to improve performance and consistent display within these apps.

We have seen issues with the Facebook and Instagram internal browser that have cropped up on Android in the past that have been resolved, and we will continue to work toward resolution with this as well.

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