Comments sections should be included on a "Single Post" template page.  Here you'll find all of the steps for comments to load on a page.

1. Select your Single Post page in Showit

2. Add two new canvases from the page “…” menu and name them “Comments” and “Comment Form”.

3. Drag them up/down into the order you would like them in the page structure.

4. Set both canvases to canvas type “Grow with Content” (on both mobile and desktop)

5. Add a updating Comments Count text box: If you would like a text field that updates with the number of comments like “11 Comments” add a text box in the style you would like it to appear.  Go to the “Text Field” settings on the right sidebar and choose WordPress: Comment Link.  Type a placeholder message into the text box and position it in the place you want it to display.  Tip: Place this above where your comments will display.

6. Adding Comments:  Add a paragraph style text box to the Comments canvas. Set the Text Field setting to WordPress: Post Comments.

7. Adding Comments Form: Add a paragraph text box to the Comments Form canvas and position it similarly to the Comments you just completed.  Set the Text Field setting to WordPress: Comments Form.

8. You’re set to publish!

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