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Start Customizing Your Blog Design
Start Customizing Your Blog Design
Learn how to customize your Wordpress Theme Design right in your Blog Template pages inside Showit.
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Showit has Site Pages and Blog Templates that make up your site. The Blog Templates are like a Showit page but will be used to create a WordPress theme that will then have the content of the page replaced by your blog content. This gives you the freedom to create the look and feel of your blog and change it across all of your blog posts without needing to have individual blog post designs. Your blog templates are listed under the pages on the left in Showit and typically made up of two to start:

The Blog is a template that shows how you want to display multiple blog posts, like the latest posts, search results, a category, or anything else that would have a list of blog posts.

The Single Post is a template that is designed to show a single blog post, the entire content, and have its unique URL for that particular post. 

Start customizing your blog design by making changes to the font, color, and size of text used in your blog design. You can also adjust the placement of blog placeholders. A great tip is to start with the aesthetics but be careful not to delete placeholder content which has a specifically assigned WP content value.

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