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What is a 404 page?

If someone visits a link that is no longer valid for your site the browser will show a 404 Not Found error.  It's helpful to customize that error page so that you can point the visitor to try another page of your site like your homepage.

  • Two 404 page designs are required for a design. 

  • One regular page and one blog template. 

  • Follow steps below:


Custom 404 Page

Did you know it's as easy as naming the page "404"?

Simply create a new page and name it exactly "404" as shown in the screenshot below. When published it will automatically be used as the 404 error page if someone goes to a link that's not valid for your site.  This would apply to users without a blog.

Required page name: 404 (exactly)


Custom 404 Design for the Blog

Once you have a 404 page designed as a regular Showit page blog users will also need to duplicate it for Wordpress and set it as a 404 Wordpress Template.  Follow the screenshot steps below.

Suggested blog template name: Blog 404

(for larger image: Right Click>Open Image in New Tab)

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