Need help with Showit but not sure where to look, here is a resource to guide you!
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This doc is a quick compilation of various helpful resources to help you go from zero to launch quickly and efficiently. We also have a Showit FAQ doc!

Showit Resources

Training - If you're looking for complete training on the basics of the Showit platform

  • Showit 101 - this is a complete training course to get you started, complete with lessons and quizzes. By the end of this course, you'll know all you need to create & launch your new site with Showit. This course takes about 45 minutes to complete. **Must have Showit account, requires sign in with account credentials to access course material. If you don't have an account create one, free, here.

  • Showit Learning Hub - Here you will find the same content found in the Showit 101 course, but in a free-form video. If the course format isn't for you, watch the video and learn the basics of Showit in under 30 minutes.

Supplemental Help - If you've already got the hang of the basics and just need help with a specific topic.

  • Help Docs - Search our library of 200+ help docs filled with written and visual instructions for creating & troubleshooting in Showit.

  • Showit Support Pros - When you have a specific question, you're experiencing a possible malfunction in your site, or you're just totally lost, contact our support team. Click the chat bubble icon with the ? in the bottom right corner.

  • Glossary of Terms - Knowing the terminology used inside the Showit platform will help you understand the help material better and help you more easily communicate with Showit support when troubleshooting issues.

  • Showit User Group - Already created your free Showit account? Join our awesome private Facebook group! It's filled with amazing folks who use the Showit platform as well as our expert Showit Design Partners. It's a great place to ask/answer questions, get feedback, & connect with your creative peers! Plus get access to special announcements and live group training.

Community Help - Remember those awesome Showit Design Partners we mentioned? Well, they rock so much, many of them have created help videos for users like you! Here are some links to helpful content created by our independent design partners. **Note: as we (Showit) do not maintain this content we can't ensure the links below are up to date or the content hasn't changed since this article was written.

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