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The following instructions show you how to request to have a new blog configured on your domain and your new Showit site launched! Follow these steps when you are ready for your site and blog to go live.

How to Submit to Have Your New Blog Setup

  1. Inside of Showit, click "Site Settings" 

2. Click "EDIT" next to "Custom Domain" 

3. Enter your domain name where you'd like your site and blog to be

4. Check the boxes for the settings that apply to your current setup.

5. Confirm the details before finishing your setup request

6. Click "Submit" to finish the setup wizard
7. Next, choose to put in your blog setup request now or later

Note: If you are ready, we advise putting in this setup request for your blog now. It will be easier so you don't forget or publish the site and then have to change the DNS settings later once you setup the blog.

8. Click "Setup New Blog"

9. Fill out the new blog request form with your current registrar information.

10. Click "SUBMIT" and then kick back and relax! We will take it from here :)

What Happens Next:

Our team will setup a new Wordpress blog for you and activate your new Showit site at your domain. You will get an email when the process is complete. You can then celebrate and show all of your friends your awesome new site!

Glossary of Terms:

  • Registrar Information – Where your current blog or website domain is registered. Usually a company like GoDaddy or BlueHost.

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