⚠️ The steps below can be followed exactly for users without a blog.

If you need to add or migrate a blog to your Showit account our team can help get that started for you here.

If you already have a blog hosted with showit or having a new blog setup your numerical IP values will differ from those listed below, they will be provided to you by the Showit team and the setup process will be exactly the same as the steps below, but with your specific IP values.

💡 Since Showit is not a domain registrar we do not provide Nameservers. The Nameservers should be defaulted to your domain registrar in order to host the DNS settings below.

  • Backup any data from your current web host

  • Go through the Domain Setup to assign your domain name to your Showit

  • Connect your domain DNS within your Domain Registrar (This would be where you purchased your domain)

  • Request an SSL. Contact our team and ask for the SSL to be applied.

  • Publish your site

  • Read through the explanation of Hosting and Direct Host

Step-by-step configuration instructions for Godaddy

Step-by-step configuration instructions for Google Domains

Step-by-step configuration instructions for Squarespace Domains

Step-by-step configuration instructions for Hover

Step-by-step configuration instructions for Wix
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General DNS settings for self-configuration for a Showit site with no blog.

If the Registrar for your domain provides advanced DNS configuration, you can add an A record that points to our server directly within their DNS management console.

DNS settings:

⚠️If you already have an existing A record @ then just edit and replace with the records below (ONLY if you don't have a blog)

A Record: @ (or leave blank) to: (Have a blog? Use the IP provided by our team)
A Record: * to: (use the * symbol)
CNAME Record: www to: yourdomain name (no url or www, just the domain name)

If you have a blog

If you have a blog your DNS records will be provided to you after your blog setup or migration is complete.

💡 The above DNS settings are for sites that do not have a blog hosted with Showit. If your site is down and you have a blog with us, please contact support for the correct DNS settings.

If you do not see any options like this in your registrar account, contact the Showit Support team by clicking the help icon in the bottom right corner of Showit and we will help you get everything set up!

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