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How to connect your domain to Showit via DNS Records.
How to connect your domain to Showit via DNS Records.
Ready to get your site live and online at your domain? Learn how to adjust your DNS records to point your domain to Showit.
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⚠️ The steps below can be followed exactly for users without a blog.

If you need to add or migrate a blog to your Showit account our team can help get that started for you here.

If you already have a blog hosted with showit or having a new blog setup your numerical IP values will differ from those listed below, they will be provided to you by the Showit team and the setup process will be exactly the same as the steps below, but with your specific IP values.

💡 Since Showit is not a domain registrar we do not provide Nameservers. The Nameservers should be defaulted to your domain registrar in order to host the DNS records below.

  • Backup any data from your current web host

  • Go through the Domain Setup to assign your domain name to your Showit

  • Connect your domain DNS within your Domain Registrar (This would be where you purchased your domain)

  • Request an SSL. Contact our team and ask for the SSL to be applied.

  • Publish your site

  • Read through the explanation of Hosting and Direct Host

To find your specific DNS records follow these steps:

1). Click your name in the lower left corner of Showit
2). Choose Manage Account
3). Click Your DNS Records below your domain

(If you do not see a domain in your account screen, go into the Showit app and ensure you have clicked “connect my domain” in the upper left of Showit to first submit your domain)

4). Apply the DNS records - you can work with your domain host customer support to do so by giving them the records or reference the video above for instructions on setting up these records

💡 If you do not see your domain in your account screen - you need to first put in your domain connection request.

If you have put your domain in but are not seeing DNS records - you are likely on a subscription that includes a blog but have not yet put in your blog setup request, please do that now and once that is finished you will get your DNS records.

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