Showit Content Hosting

Included in a Showit website is content hosting for all your website files such as images, graphics, music and video and other files such as documents or pdfs.  Showit content is hosted through Amazon Web Services which is trusted by the biggest and best sites on the Internet.

When you add files to Showit, it automatically takes care of uploading and hosting these files. Everything is saved automatically and stored in the cloud.

Showit content hosting does not use FTP, so all adding and removing of the files will happen directly through the Showit application.  However, for the Showit hosting with Advanced Blog it includes FTP access to be able to directly upload files.

Configure Hosting

The first step to launching your Showit site is purchasing a domain name. If you don’t have a domain name, we recommend signing up for a Google Apps account and purchasing a domain name in the process. This will automatically configure your email to use the recommended Google Apps approach.

Once you have subscribed and have registered your domain name, check out this article for how to launch your site. Our amazing team of Showit Support PROs take care of the whole setup process for you!

Advanced Hosting Options

When your site is hosted, there are three hosting plans and each affects where your site will be hosted and the DNS options to make it work.  If you would like to configure hosting, you can add a DNS A record pointed to our server.

  • Showit only: (Use this for +Sites and a Wildcard DNS record)
  • Showit with Basic Blog
  • Showit with Advanced Blog

If you need to direct your Name Server to Showit, we will need to configure our setup to host your site and you must contact support to get that started.

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