Showit is a service to take control of your website and as such we have decided that email is a service that can best be provided by other companies with much more experience handling Spam and all the other issues that come with email. Below our our top suggestions.  If at any point you need assistance configuring specific domain settings, our team would be happy to assist you if you message them all of the details directly in the Showit app messenger.

Email Setup Options (Free/Paid)

Your Domain Registrar – (Varies)

You may contact your domain registrar to inquire about email hosting options. Some registrars offer free email.

Google Apps – (Paid)

Google offers over 25 gigs of email storage, reliability and backups, unlimited accounts, fantastic spam filtering, pop and imap access, calendar, 99.9% uptime and other great features all for $50/user/year or $5/user/month. They offer a 30 day free trial. Showit can help configure your account if you connect with us in by clicking the “Get Help” button in the bottom right of Showit 5.

If you are configuring your domain yourself, you can also choose to sign up on your own for a Google Apps account and Google has tutorials on their site on how to configure Google Apps for your domain name.

Zoho Mail – (Free)

Another alternative to free email hosting is Zoho Mail which offers up to 3 free emails per domain name. 

Or you can signup at Free Zoho Mail

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