Showit with the Advanced Blog provides hosting of your Showit Site with a Managed WordPress blog.  Once you have subscribed, please request your blog migration or setup in your Showit Account. The reason for this level of subscription is for someone who needs more control over their blog and customization to install custom plugins.

The blog URL can be on your domain alongside pages created by Showit like or it can be hosted at a subdomain like or another domain like

This hosting includes access to upload files via FTP and access the database used for WordPress.  You can upload your own WordPress plugins but there are a few plugins that are prohibited because they interfere with our managed WordPress setup or duplicate functionality already provided.


What will my blog domain/address be?

Showit will install your new or migrated WordPress blog at the root domain ( you are using for your Showit Site. We are also able to install your new showit blog at a different domain.

Why is the Showit blog hosting better then my current host?

Showit Blog hosting is a fully managed WordPress setup that is optimized with server based caching for blazing fast loading speeds. If your site has a large boost of visitors, our servers will respond by providing more resources so that your site never skips a beat. Our support team is available to assist with the migration of you site to our server and for continual support to ensure the site keeps running as expected.

What does “Managed” WordPress hosting mean?

A “managed” WordPress installation is one that is installed on servers that are optimized with server based caching for the best performance possible. If demand to your blog rises the servers will make more resources available to ensure speedy loading every time. Because the server is optimized there are some restrictions on using plugins that have similar actions or that may dramatically reduce performance of the site. Our servers have been tested with many widely used template systems and should run without issue.

How many blogs can I host?

At this time Showit supports one blog per account. The blog CAN have a different domain then the Showit site uses.

Can I get cPanel & FTP access?

We are happy to provide FTP access by request. Our managed WordPress servers do not have a standard cpanel access. We’re happy to help address any settings concerns via support.

Will my ProPhoto theme work on the Showit hosting?

Please see Will My ProPhoto Theme Work on Showit?  

Will everything migrate over from my current site?

We are happy to assist migrating All files that were uploaded via the WordPress media manager and all posts should copy over to our server without issue. If files were manually FTP’d to your server they may not automatically migrate to the Showit server and you would need to save those files to to your local computer until you can FTP them to the new server at a later time. We always suggest saving a backup of all server files until you have confirmed that all files have copied over to the Showit server.  To request a blog setup, login to your Showit Account profile and request a blog setup.

Will all plugins work with the Showit WordPress hosting?

Most plugins will work. There are a few plugins that will be disabled automatically if they duplicate functionality or if they will slow down your site loading. The following is not an exhaustive list of disallowed plugins. Any plugin that fits into these categories or is otherwise known to cause problems may be added to the list or disabled at any time.

Disabled Plugins

Duplicate Functionality – Backups

These plugins duplicate our existing backup and restore functionality. We have seen these plugins cause problems for customers because they use too many resources creating archive files (tar/gzip/zip) and we have seen some poorly configured plugins create recursive backups and sites exceed their allotted storage amount.

  • backupwordpress
  • backwpup
  • wponlinebackup
  • 6scan-backup
  • the-codetree-backup
  • ezpz-one-click-backup

Recommended AlternativesWe backup your files and database daily for 30 days. You can contact our team to restore your site to a previous version easily.

To backup your site on demand, you can use SFTP access and a database backup plugin like WP-DB-Backup or WP-DBManager.

Duplicate Functionality – Caching

These plugins duplicate our existing caching functionality. We handle caching before your visitors ever hit WordPress, so these plugins will not work properly.

  • w3-total-cache
  • wp-cache
  • wp-file-cache
  • wp-super-cache
  • wp-fast-cache
  • wp-fastest-cache
  • wp-cachecom

Recommended AlternativesNone! We cache your site for you. If you need help making your site even faster, try these suggestions.

Use the P3 Profiler plugin to check if your plugins are slowing down your site. Contact our support team. If your site is still slow, we want to know why and how we can help.

Unnecessary / Nonfunctional

These plugins don’t add any value and may not work correctly on our system. Some of these are competitors’ integration plugins, and some are superfluous but known to slow down site performance.

  • wpengine-common
  • wp-engine-snapshot
  • sgcachepress
  • synthesis
  • wordpress-beta-tester
  • NOTE: We do not remove the Hello Dolly plugin, but we do not install it by default.

Stats Plugins

These plugins hit the database frequently for stats purposes. They are useful, but they negatively impact your sites’ performance. In some cases, they prevent us from properly caching your site.

  • jr-referrer
  • referrer-wp
  • statpress
  • wp-postviews
  • wp-slimstat

Recommended AlternativesYou can use any service that records and stores your stats off-site. These include Chartbeat (paid), Google Analytics (free), Jetpack (free), MixPanel (free), and (free).

Duplicate Functionality – Misc

These plugins duplicate functionality in various parts of our system.

  • 6scan-protection — We take care of security and patching core files.
  • adminer
  • portable-phpmyadmin
  • wordpress-gzip-compression — Output compression is handled automatically.
  • wp-phpmyadmin

Related Posts

These plugins increase database load by using inefficient queries, poor caching, or poor scaling on large sites.

  • wordpress-popular-posts (versions 3.1.1 and below)
  • contextual-related-posts
  • fuzzy-seo-booster
  • seo-alrp
  • similar-posts
  • yet-another-featured-posts-plugin
  • yet-another-related-posts-plugin

Recommended AlternativesYou can use any service that handles the relationship logic off-site like outbrain or Jetpack.


These plugins have associated security issues.

  • InfiniteWP Client (versions 1.3.8 and below)
  • MailPoet (versions 2.6.6 and below)
  • toolspack
  • wp-copysafe-web and wp-copysafe-pdf

General Performance

These plugins don’t perform well, in general, especially on large sites.

  • broken-link-checker — This can cause large amounts of traffic and resource usage. Please try using client software on your computer or an external service.
  • google-sitemap-generator (versions < 4.0) — This can cause performance issues on large sites. Please try Google Sitemap plugin or WordPress SEO instead.
  • google-xml-sitemaps-with-multisite-support — This can cause performance issues on large sites. Please try Google Sitemap plugin or WordPress SEO instead.
  • adsense-click-fraud-monitoring — This can cause performance issues. There are no recommended alternatives at this time.
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