What is a +Site?

A +Site is a subdomain of your main site. +Sites can be used for a variety of purposes including custom websites for your clients, custom sites for your workshops, or maybe a special package and pricing site. With your Showit subscription, you are able to create and publish an unlimited number of +Sites.

Looking for beautiful and easy pre-built plus site options? Check out our Add-Ons section in the Showit Design Market.

How to Create a +Site

Start by first creating a new site in Showit.

  1. Click on your name in the lower-left corner of Showit.

  2. Choose “Create a New Site” and select a design.

  3. Complete your site design and then follow the next steps to set up the custom +Site URL.

Publish a +Site

Follow these steps when you’re ready to publish a +Site and assign a +Site Domain.

  1. Open the site you want to publish

  2. In the top left of Showit go to the Site tab > Site Settings

  3. Click to “Edit” the Custom Domain setting

  4. Select a current domain or add a +Site Subdomain

  5. Save the custom domain setting and click to Publish the site

 **Note: Be careful not to select your MAIN DOMAIN in the Domain Settings drop-down menu. If you do select your main domain and hit publish it will publish over your existing main design.

Trouble with a +Site Not Publishing?

If you’re experiencing trouble getting your custom +Site subdomain to load for you it’s possible your domain needs to be configured for +Sites to properly work.  Click the ? chat icon on the bottom right of Showit to contact our support team to help get it configured for you.

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