While there is no membership functionality built directly into Showit, it can be achieved in conjunction with your WordPress blog. In order to implement membership functionality there are a couple things you should know: 

  • It will require the Advanced Blog subscription

  • This advanced functionality extends beyond the scope of our general Support, therefore you may want to consider working with a qualified designer or developer if you have trouble implementing this functionality on your site

We've had a number of users ask us which membership plugins in WordPress are compatible with our Showit theme. With the help of our designer community, we've compiled this list of plugins that work and are known not to work. As with any third-party controlled plugin, compatibility may change based upon software updates by Showit or the plugin developer. We cannot guarantee compatibility with a third-party plugin.

Compatible Membership Plugins:

  • ALL of these plugins will require an Advanced Blog subscription to be installed.

  • These plugins may require additional blog templates to function correctly with the Showit theme. As we learn these details we'll try to document them in the requirements column.

Plugin Name

*Requirements to work with Showit.


WP Simple Membership

Restrict Content Pro


*can be used on Showit pages, no blog required

Wishlist Member

Ultimate Member

WooCommerce Memberships

LearnDash (the new membership feature was deployed last year)

*This is a course building platform that has a membership option integrated.

Incompatible Membership Plugins:

At this time these plugins do not appear to work with our Showit theme.


Lifter LMS

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