Taking Full Length Snapshots in Chrome

We suggest you install the Full Page Screen Capture plugin for Chrome.  And Viewport Dimensions plugin to easily set your window size to 1200px wide. 

  1. Load your site up and scroll to the bottom of the page to ensure everything has loaded before pressing the screen capture icon in the Chrome toolbar. 

  2. For mobile capture, make the browser narrow like a mobile device, refresh the page and scroll to the bottom before taking the screenshot.

  3. Prepare the images by following steps below

Important: Parallax and Fixed background images may not capture correctly with the plugin. You may need to temporarily switch those backgrounds to Scroll with Page in order to capture your design properly.

Prepare the Images for the Market

To keep the Showit Design Market loading fast we need all design screenshots to be optimized for the web so that the screenshots are below 1Mb. (prefer 400-700k).

Save using Photoshop CC:

  • File > Export > Export As...

  • Set JPG at 70% quality

  • Size to Mobile: 400px wide & Desktop: 1200px wide

Save using Photoshop (Legacy):

  • File > Export > Save for Web (Legacy)

  • Use the JPEG High preset

  • Size to Mobile: 400px wide & Desktop: 1200px wide

  • IMPORTANT: PNG images and JPG screenshots over 800kb may not be approved because they dramatically slow down our store.

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