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Wordpress plugin Simple Author Box
Wordpress plugin Simple Author Box
Adds the Author name, Avatar and social links to your blog posts
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Have multiple authors for your Wordpress posts? Need to show of your fancy avatar? Look no further, the Simple Author Box plugin will do that for you.

Adding the Simple Author Box plugin-->
Basic Starter Blogs are pre-loaded with this plugin. Just click to activate the plugin.

Advanced Blog subscriptions will need to add this plugin. You'll want to click on the Add Plugin tab.
Then, put in "Simple Author Box", Install and Activate.

Once active, you'll be taken to a place to set up your Author Profile. Yes, the fun begins!!

Now that your Profile is set up, there are some important options to decide on. Then be sure to click SAVE! 

Voila! Your Author name, Avatar and social links will show up with your posts.

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