There are three different canvas types inside of Showit: Normal, Window Height and Grow with Content.

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Normal Canvas

A normal canvas allows you to set the canvas height to any number of pixels you want. There are no minimum or maximum heights required.

Window Height

A canvas set to Window Height is designed to utilize the full height of the user’s browser window and will resize the canvas as a browser window is resized. A canvas set to Window Height requires that you set a minimum height for the canvas and when the window height of the canvas is taller than the minimum you have set the canvas will grow, keeping the content centered vertically.

Note: If a Canvas is set to Window Height and also set to Sticky, there’s a possibility that some of the Canvas will be cropped, potentially hiding content if the Canvas’ Minimum Height is greater than the website visitor’s browser height. We’d recommend setting the Minimum Height to 600 or less for desktop and 400 or less for Mobile. 

Grow with Content

This feature is for WordPress design templates, specifically canvases that contain WordPress text fields that contain content that overflows or is larger than the original size of the text field. The canvas will only grow if it contains WordPress text fields containing content that overflows.

Elements in a Grow with Content Canvas can be Edge Locked to the bottom in order to make them reposition and/or grow with the canvas, based on the amount content that gets displayed in the WordPress text field(s).

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