**Important note, for the Basic Blog subscription only the Free Version of Yoast will work.**

Yoast is a plugin forcused on SEO or search engine optimization. The plugin helps to guide you creating posts. These optimized posts have an easier time to be indexed in search engines.

In other words, having good SEO helps your site get found when people look for it on Google and other search engines. All in all, Yoast is quite a useful plugin to have and this is why we included it on the Basic Blog sites and encourage those with Advanced Blogs to add it as well.

Adding the Yoast plugin-->
Basic Blogs are pre-loaded with this plugin. Just click to activate the plugin.

Advanced Blog subscriptions will need to add this plugin. You'll want to click on the Add Plugin tab.

Then, go to the search bar and type in "Yoast". Once it comes up in the plugin options, click to add it.

And finally, click to Activate Yoast.

There you go, you've added the Yoast plugin! Awesome work!!

For more on Yoast, you can visit their website here.

In addition, you can add Pinterest Pins through Yoast. Click here for a great article to set it up in Showit.

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