A quiz or questionnaire can be a helpful addition to your website to garner new leads, gather information, or just to make your site more fun and interactive. The good folks over at Interact have made it simple and fun to create a quiz and add it right to your Showit site. 

After creating your Interact account log in and choose create new quiz

From there you can choose to use a pre-made template or design your own from scratch. In this example we started with a template.  

Next you'll be presented with templates in various categories, you can choose as many as you wish to browse templates in those categories. 

Once you've chosen the template you like choose use this template to start customizing. 

In this view you can customize the quiz to your liking using the left side bar to adjust the design, number of questions, and other properties of your quiz. Once you've created it how you wish choose the Share & Embed button at the top. 

If you've not yet published your quiz, you will need to publish it order to get the necessary embed code. 

With your quiz created, styled, and published you can now choose how to share your quiz. For your Showit site, you'll want to choose the embed in your website option. 

You'll want to copy the iFrame code for your Showit site. The embed options in the red box should be set exactly as you see here. The two below in the green box you can set according to your preference. 

Now jump into your website and select the canvas you'd like to add your quiz to (in this example we're adding it to the "intro" canvas). Then use the embed code option to add the embed code for your quiz. 

Once the embed code is added your quiz will appear on the page. You can resize the container as needed to accommodate the entire quiz. 

That's it, now your website is more interactive, your clients are more engaged, and you've got a simple beautiful new addition to your already awesome site! 

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