We're still in the testing process with MediaVine and do not yet have a clear answer. We believe it will work on a blog as long as you follow their design standards of:

Ad placement requirements:

  • The sidebar placeholder needs to be a minimum of 300px wide.
  • The break point for the site needs to be no greater than 1023px and no lower than 768px. (*the point at which the sidebar falls below the content, according to MediaVine??)
  • On mobile devices, the post content placeholder needs to be a minimum of 300px wide.

Sidebar setup requirements:

  • The sidebar must be designed to use a Sidebar placeholder and elements added via Widgets in Wordpress instead of directly in the Showit design, in order for the ads to inject automatically.
  1. Add Sidebar 1 placeholder in Showit
  2. In Wordpress go to Appearance > Widgets.
  3. Add Custom HTML widget to first Sidebar and add the following code: 
<!-- First MediaVine Ad target -->

<div id="sidebar_atf_target"></div>

4. Add any additional widgets from Wordpress you want to appear in the sidebar. ie. Instagram feed.
5. Add another Custom HTML widget to bottom of Sidebar with the following code:

<!-- Bottom MediaVine Ad target -->

<div id="sidebar_btf_target"></div>

6. AFTER SITE LAUNCH: Notify MediaVine of those 2 pieces of code that were added to your design in order for them to target and make the sidebar ads live. 

Known issues:

  • The second Ad in the sidebar will not remain sticky as MediaVine prefers. This may affect visibility of additional ads loading during the viewing period of a post and could affect potential income. (no workaround has been found at this time)
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