As a designer, it's important to be able to assist your client and guide them towards the best path forward.

Showit does have limitations on media storage size and traffic with each plan. You can read about the specific limits of our standard and high traffic plans at

You can help prepare your client for the correct plan by first performing an assessment of their current website, prior to subscribing to Showit.

Determine Current Blog Size

If on Wordpress, you can install the My Simple Space plugin. Then go to the user's Wordpress dashboard and find the report for Entire Site size. 


Determine Current Site Traffic

Most users use Google Analytics to record site visits to their site. You can  have them pull a report for the last 3 months (to get a monthly average) by guiding them to the total Sessions value with this report.

Users migrating from Squarespace can find the total number of Visits by going to their current site analytics.


We're also happy to help guide you if you have questions based upon some of the information you gathered. 

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