You're ready to get your first website live so the world can find you and all you have to offer, but you're not sure what's next.

Hopefully, by now you've watched our domain explainer video. It covers what a domain is and how to get one. There are many registrars out there you can buy a domain from, but three that we suggest for their dependability and ease of use are:

Google Domains

If you choose one of the registrars we recommend, you can see in the videos below the exact steps you'll need to walk through to find and purchase your unique domain name. Once you've purchased your domain name our team will help you get it connected to your site.

Got your domain? Here's what's next:
Configuring Your Domain

Buying a domain with Google Domains:

Configuring Your Own Domain Through Google

Buying a domain with GoDaddy:

Configuring Your Own Domain Through Godaddy

Buying a domain with Hover:

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